EDUCATION: Yoga instructor, speaker, activist, volunteer, Sanskrit enthusiast, and teacher trainer, I have been a student of yoga for more than twenty years. A former Comparative English Literature major (SUNY Hunter College BA.), yoga certification came from Alison West in 2005, although I’d already been teaching in NYC and Europe for several years before that. A multi-disciplinarian by nature, I’ve attended innumerable yoga conferences and teachers’ workshops with luminaries from various traditions, having retreated, workshopped, meditated, chanted, danced, laughed, and practiced with some of the West’s most inspiring yogis, kirtan wallahs, bhaktas, monks, tantrics and activists as well as formidable Ayurvedic, Buddhist, Indian, Greek, Sanskrit & Zen scholars. 2004  saw me following my heart and living the dream of spending five months living, practicing and  studying in India, which changed my life and set me on the path of teaching yoga full-time.

VOLUNTEERING: Back home in Athens since 2010, evolving both my teaching and practice towards a more science-based approach, whilst continuing to delve into Indian philology and philosophy and Sanskrit studies in addition to functional anatomy and applied yoga biomechanics. The potential of the practice to heal and help on an individual and on a wider scale never ceases to delight, and I’ve volunteer-taught hundreds of hours to special populations here in Greece. For six years I co-directed YogastoAlsos, a pioneering effort to offer weekly classes in public spaces across Athens while raising awareness, funds and basic life staples for various philanthropic and philozoic causes and charities.  over the years, I have initiated successful pilot yoga programs for organizations including Alma Zois (National Organization for Women with Breast Cancer) and the Thebes Women’s Prison Project. At present, offering weekly classes at Merimna in support of social workers and volunteers who assist in pediatric palliative care and counseling support to families.

DIRECTION: After nearly two decades in Krishnamacarya-derived traditions, these days I consider my practice & teaching more on the post-lineage end of the spectrum, informed by contemporary embodied practices that blend my dual passions for western anatomy and yoga philosophy with my conviction that yoga can be helpful for every body.

Classes & workshops offered in:  As an inherent polymath, the bouquet of offerings is fairly wide: Aligned Vinyasa,  Bhakti Flow, Chair Yoga, Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga, Functional Flow, Functional Anatomy, Prenatal & Postnatal, Kids’, Restorative, Therapeutics, and Yin.

For full workshop offerings & descriptions, please visit the Workshops Page.

Booking or inquiries: tinazym at gmail.com or +30 699 217 9876.


EXTENDED BIO: Activist, speaker, volunteer, yoga practitioner & educator, anatomy geek, philologist, Sanskritist and yoga studies specialist, Tina has been on the path of self-discovery since the late ’90s and has been teaching since the summer of 2000. She received traditional education at yoga ashrams both in upstate New York and in India, with instruction and courses on the traditional texts & scriptures, meditation, kīrtan, mantra, āsana and karma-yoga. Now approaching her 20th year of nearly-daily sādhana, she has been a student of yogāsana since February 1998, initially at the Sivananda and Jivamukti Centers in New York City. Tina is the Director of Studies for the YOGA MARGA 300 hour Teacher Training for dedicated & experienced yoga students who wish to expand their practice and knowledge on the paths of Yoga.

A direct student of Ashtanga Yoga founder KP Jois for nearly a decade, she spent more than a combined year of practice with him between 2002-2007, both in India and the USA. She has been blessed with nearly a decade of study and practice under the guidance of two amazing Ashtanga teachers: Richard Freeman and Eddie Stern. Although she no longer teaches nor practices the Ashtanga method, she is grateful for the lineage and the many gifts she received from the tradition, the teachings, and the community.

She was involved with the The Yoga Society of New York from 2003-2010, and for months at a time divided her time between life in the big city and the natural beauty & quiet of Ananda Ashram, where she deepened her yoga studies, practices, and teaching immeasurably.  Formal teaching certification came from NYC-based Alison West’s Iyengar-inspired Yoga Union in 2005.

Tina has retreated, workshoped, meditated, chanted, danced, laughed and practiced with some of the West’s most formidable yogis, kirtan wallahs, bhaktas, tantrics and activists, as well as Buddhist, Sanskrit & Zen scholars. A perpetual student, she has attended innumerable retreats, trainings and workshops with luminaries from various styles of yoga. In addition to study with numerous senior/certified Ashtanga teachers such as (alphabetically) Dominic Corigliano, Nancy Gilgoff, Christopher Hilderbrandt, Lino Miele, Tim Miller, Danny Paradise, Sarah Plumer, Sharath Rangaswamy, John Scott, Eddie Stern,  and David Swenson, Tina has also spent significant time with senior teachers from other paths, including many hours with luminaries such as Jivamukti founders Sharon Gannon & David Life,  OM Yoga’s Cyndi Lee, Dharma Yoga’s Dharma Mittra and numerous other inspiring senior teachers.

Co-founder of YogastoAlsos, a collective offering free weekly classes in public spaces across Athens (2011-2016), and founder of the spiritual circle City Satsang, Tina believes in the strength of the practice to heal and help: 2012 saw her involvement with several charity events (Including Yoga Aid 2012 and NYSY’s Good Karma benefits).  In 2016, she designed and lead the pilot programme of Yoga in Thebes Women’s Prison, for the NGO Arsis.

In 2013, Tina organized and co-taught World Yoga Day, Athens, bringing together various yoga traditions and more than 60 practitioners to benefit FIAN International.  Also in 2013, she helped create Enallaxi Festival, the first of its kind combining many methods, traditions and techniques that help us live more freely and joyfully.  She has helped organize amazing Yoga & Trekking retreats to some of Grece’s most incredible mountains including Olympus, Taygetos and Dirfy and Pelion  A teacher’s teacher, Tina has been involved with several teacher training efforts (including The Yoga Society of New York’s Ananda Ashram, NYSY Studios, and Yoga & Budo Center) and offers “Sharpen Your Skills” workshops for teachers and teachers-in-training, throughout the year.

With nearly twenty years of regular practice, Tina has recently exploring the integration of a more contemporary approach to traditional asana, using biomechanical integrity to facilitate healing of trauma and strengthening within the framework of a slow-flowing breath-centered asana practice.  She believes yoga is for every body: there is no prerequisite to be flexible or strong, fit or young to benefit from the practice. We start where we are, every day. It is her greatest joy to spend quality time with students in trainings and retreats; to delve deep into the heart of yoga and share its core teachings in a way that is applicable and transformational for every body.

Classes & workshops offered in:  As an inherent polymath, the bouquet of offerings is fairly wide: Aligned Vinyasa,  Bhakti Flow, Chair Yoga, Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga, Functional Flow, Prenatal & Postnatal, Kids’, Restorative, Therapeutics, and Yin.

Workshops: Sanskrit for Beginners, Learn to Chant, Inversion Immersion, The Myths of the Asanas, Ashtanga: Theory+Practice, The Art of the Assist, The Heart of Backbending, Neck Freedom, Lower Back Therapy, The Ethics of Yoga.  For full workshop offerings & descriptions, please visit the Workshops Page.

Booking or inquiries: tinazym at gmail.com or +30 699 217 9876.

Training & Certifications 

Raffaelle Torella (University of Rome La Sapienza): Yoga as Seen from the Heights of Non-Dualistic Śaiva Tantra 

Gudrun Bühnemann (University of Wisconsin-Madison): Aspects of the Visual History of Yoga

Jason Birch (SOAS, University of London): The History of Medieval Haṭha and Rājayoga

Analyzing the Yoga Sūtra with Ancient Tools and Experiencing it Through Recitation,  with Michel Angot (EHESS, Paris) (2017)

Theodora Wildcroft (Open University UK): Re-thinking the Yoga Body

Matylda Ciołkosz (Jagiellonian University): Body, Language and Modern Postural Yoga

Małgorzata Sacha (Jagiellonian University): Meeting at the Crossroads: Yoga, Psychology, (Psycho)therapy (2017)

Intensive Teachers’ Training, with Kristina Karitinou, (2015)

Bhakti Flow Yoga Teacher Training with Rusty Wells: Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits: 31 hours (2013),  NYSY Athens

Abhaya Yoga 200 Hours Teacher Training: Completed course as assistant to Program Director Vivi Letsou (2012), 200 hours. Taught Sanskrit, chanting & Indian mythology,  NYSY Athens

Vinyasa Kramah: The Dynamics of Yoga Asana Flow for Teachers: workshop and teaching skills with Advanced Jivamukti teacher Petros Haffenrichter, Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits: 12 hours (2012),  NYSY Athens

Ashtanga Based Training for Teachers with Dylan Bernstein, Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits: 36 hours (2012), NYSY, Athens.

Anusara Immersions I, II, III & NYSY 200hr TTTC Completed course as assistant to NYSY Teacher Training Program Director Vivi Letsou 200 hours. Taught Sanskrit, chanting & Indian mythology (2011), NYSY.  

Rainbow Kids Yoga for Kids and Families Teacher Training Course, 40 hours (2011), NYSY Athens.  

American Red Cross CPR/AED & First Aid training (2008), NYC. 

Yoga Union with Alison West, NYC. Yoga Alliance registered at 200-hour Level (2005).

The Yoga Matrix – Yoga As a Gateway to Freedom with Richard Freeman, OMEGA INSTITUTE, Rhinebeck NY. Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits: 10.5 hours (2002).

Asana Application & Practice:

Yoga Biomechanics & Restoratives with Jules Mitchell (2016-present).

Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga Teachers’ Training with founder Sadie Nardini (2016).

Ashtanga with Kristina Karitinou: 2014-2015.

Ashtanga with K. Pattabhi Jois & Sharath Rangaswamy: US World Tour workshops in 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006.

Led & Mysore classes, Sanskrit and weekly conferences at the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute (AYRI) in Mysore, India for five months in 2004. I have spent over a combined year of daily practice & study with Guruji and am proud to share the lineage, as it was so generously transmitted to me.

Urban Zen Initiative Well-Being Forum (2007): Ten-day conference for alternative holistic healing practices including sessions with Deepak Chopra, Richard Freeman, Sharon Gannon, David Life, Roshi Pat O’Hara, Gabrielle Roth, Colleen Saidman, Rodney Yee.

Iyengar workshops and classes, NYC: Kevin Gardiner (2003-2006), Alison West (2004-present).

Also with Alison West: Monthly Workshops for Teachers at The Shala (NYC 2004-2006).

Sanskrit studies & workshops (Sanskrit, Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutra, chanting and other scriptural studies from the Indian tradition):

Advanced (4th year) Sanskrit Intensive, mantra chanting & interpretation,  with EΛΙΝΕΠΑ President Dimitris Vassileiadis, weekly (2016-present).

Yoga Sutra study,  with EΛΙΝΕΠΑ President Dimitris Vassileiadis, weekly (2015-2017).

Private Sanskrit tuition & Sutra study with Omilos Meleton (OM) founder Nikolas Kazanas, monthly (2014-2017).

Sanskrit & chanting with Bharati Devi at Ananda Ashram (2003-2009).

Sanskrit & Sutra American Sanskrit Institute founder Vyaas Houston (NYC 2003, 2005).

Sanskrit & Gita with Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute resident scholar Lakshmeesh Bhat; Dr. M.A. Jayashree Anandampillai (Mysore, India 2004).

Weekend or three-day workshops: 

Practice & Meditation seminar with Viktor van Kooten (Athens, 2016)

The Origins Of Yoga: An Exploration with Angela Farmer (Athens, 2016)

Practice & Meditation with Michael Stone (Athens, 2014)

Jivamukti master classes & teachers’ training with Petros Haffenrichter (2013)

Anusara Therapeutics with Michael Fukumura (Athens, 2012)

Jivamukti with Petros Haffenrichter (Athens, 2012)

Dynamic Yoga & Meditation with Niko Zografou (Athens 2011)

Anusara with John Friend (Athens 2011)

Ashtanga with Eddie Stern (NYC 2009)

Ashtanga with John Scott (London UK, 2009)

Yogic Arts with Duncan Wong (NYC 2008)

Ashtanga with Richard Freeman (Kripalu in Massachussets 2001, Omega in NY 2002, Eyes of the World Yoga Center in Cambridge Mass. 2003, various locations in NYC 2005, 2007, 2010)

Kirtan with Jai Uttal and Krishna Das (Ananda Ashram NY, 2006, 2007)

Jivamukti with Julie Kirkpatrick (Ananda Ashram NY, 2007)

Ashtanga with Nancy Gilgoff (Woodstock NY, 2001, 2003)

Ashtanga with David Swenson (NYC 2003)

Ashtanga with Lino Miele (NYC 2003)

Ashtanga with Tim Miller (Chicago, IL 2002)

Prana Vinyasa & Trance Dance with Shiva Rea (NYC 2001)

OM Yoga with Cyndi Lee (NYC 2000)

Weeklong or five-day workshops or retreats: 

Ashtanga with Eddie Stern (OM/BIOS, Athens, Greece 2014)

Jivamukti with Sharon Gannon & David Life (Ananda Ashram, NY, 2006, 2008)

Jivamukti with Ruth Lauer-Manenti (Ananda Ashram, NY, 2006, 2007, 2008)

Ashtanga with Eddie Stern (Menla Institute Upstate NY, 2006) and Buddhist philosophy with Professor Robert Thurman (Upstate NY, 2006), “Τhe Buddha & the Yogis”

Ashtanga with Dominic Corigliano (Triopetra Crete, 2005),

Ashtanga with Tim Miller (Yoga on High in Columbus, Ohio, 2003)

Ashtanga with Richard Freeman (Inner Harmony Utah, 2001)

Questions?  Contact: tinazym at gmail.com, or call +30 699 217 9876.  


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